Thursday 12 November 2015

What I'm listening to... (November 2015)

'Where Do We Go From Here' by The Mighty Mocambos featuring Lee Fields
Despite having already released their album 'Showdown' earlier this year, The Mighty Mocambos have just released a new 45 with an exclusive non-album track featuring one of the absolute finest soul artists today, Lee Fields.  The collaboration works potentially as an extension of the group's alter ego project, the Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band, having remixed Lee Fields' 'Just Can't Win' single earlier this year so here's hoping for more from the two factions in time to come...

'Hello' by Joe
The grand return by Adele was marked by 'Hello' - the first single from her upcoming album.  In what's turned out to be an incredibly well-timed and strategic move, Joe opted to record his own version of the song and has made buckets of good vibrations from having done so.  His version is frankly, pretty amazing so check it out for yourself...

'Hotline Bling' by Erykah Badu
We've unintentionally ended up with two covers on this month's edition of WiLt but here's Erykah Badu's version of Drake's 'Hotline Bling'.  If you can make your way through the slew of GIFs, memes and alternate edits related to this video (Napolean Dynamite being my personal favourite) then you might just enjoy this very cool version potentially about to find a home on Badu's upcoming mixtape 'U Can't Use My Phone'...

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