Thursday 5 November 2015

"Welcome to.. Me"

This is the second of our interview round-ups with artists we’ve showcased on this site previously.  As with the ‘Our Heroes Heroes’ article, we’ve taken some of the best answers from some of our fav artists when we asked them the following question:

If you were introducing your music to a prospective new fan, which song from your catalogue would you recommend they listen to that best sums up the group?

Jesse Fischer

"I would have to say ‘Digital Savanna’.  Every album has one song that everyone requests, and that’s the song off ‘Retro Future’.  It also happens to be the simplest and the most catchy song off the album, and came to me fully formed, so I would say it’s the least filtered and most successful recording to date. There’s also a great live video that I’m really proud of on YouTube."


"I would probably suggest a song on which we tried to give a new perspective, but still being 100% typically [re:jazz].  So if I had only one try and wouldn't know the person to play it to I would chose our version of ‘Inner City Life’ featuring Jhelisa Anderson, from our second album ‘Point of View’."

Nicole Willis

"Maybe the first song might be ‘Feeling Free’.  It's a dance song so it’s great to start off dancing."

The Baker Brothers 

"I would recommend they listen to ‘Snap Back’ from ‘Time to Testify’ (our latest album) as this song has all the main ingredients of The Baker Brothers: killer horns, riffs and rhythms."

Emma Donovan

"Probably ‘Over Under Away’, it sums up the album for me and I love the arrangement and the way the band makes their grand entrances.  I love that moment in the song, it means a lot to me, doing that bit live I properly have to hold myself together."

The Mighty Sceptres

"Ah now, that's a tricky question as there's a good bit of variety on the album!  Angeline would probably say ‘Sting Like a Bee’ or ‘You're Nothing But a Pack of Cards’, whereas Nick might choose the single, ‘Siren Call’, as it covers most bases – the Jamaican influence combined with the rhythm ’n’ blues element and some swinging soul."

Myron & E

"If I played a song from ‘Broadway’ for someone that has never [heard] anything by us, it would probably be ‘If I Gave You My Love’."

Sy Smith

"Oooh, that's a tough question... perhaps I would play ‘Bruise’ from ‘The Syberspace Social’, because that song really speaks to the heart of who I am... and if someone is to become a fan, I'd want them to know what they're getting into."

The Soul Immigrants

"Blimey, another good question!  I think 'Golden Summer Rays'.  It’s our anthem – full of positive energy.  I wanted to write something really catchy but also say something lyrically.  It's dark times we live in so let the music lift your spirits, gather every man, woman and child and open your heart sunwards, let some light in.  It’s hard to write socially conscious tunes that you can whistle too so I would definitely play this to them with a glowing sense of pride inside!"

Kat Webb

"Hmmm… That's a tough one.  I would have to say either ‘Waver’, ‘Good to Me’ or ‘Can't Stop Thinkin Bout You’.  They include the full band feel that I always strive for, they are really popular among my current listeners, and they show off the deep soul and jazz roots of my background.  I hope everyone enjoys them and picks a favourite!"

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