Tuesday 16 May 2017

5 Songs About: Freestyle Records

'Gave My Heart' [DJ Jazzy Jeff Remix] Omar f/t Leon Ware
From the imminent Omar EP release supporting the single 'Gave My Heart' which has the distinction of featuring the beloved Leon Ware.  The 6-track EP features remixes courtesy of The Reflex, Rob Hardt and Scratch Professor but we're opting to select DJ Jazzy Jeff's stellar take on the duet which apart from being a great mix, also solidifies the dream team combination of Omar/Jeff/Ware.

'Lysistrata's Quest' by Randa & The Soul Kingdom
Surely a contender for one of the best song titles ever?!  Headed up by Randa Khamis, the soulstress' fiery vocal takes centre stage throughout the band's debut album and with a number of great songs to pick from ('Feel It In Your Soul', 'Not Gonna Let You'), 'Lysistrata's Quest' incredibly soars above them all.

'Slowtime' by Angeline Morrison
There isn't much we can say about Angeline Morrison that we haven't said before - this site is crazy about her and so proud to have been able to interview her in support of two incredible projects that she's been a part of ('Are You Ready Cat?', 'All Hail The Mighty Sceptres').  So as there's nothing new that I can say, I'll repeat something that was said in relation to the 'Are You Ready Cat' release:
"Freestyle Records’ catalogue of contemporary funk and soul is amongst the best that any label in this day and age can boast, and ‘Are You Ready Cat?’ glistens like a rare jewel – unique to all others – in an already packed treasure chest."

'Your Name' by Reggie Watts
Currently making a name for himself as the band leader for James Corden's Late Late Show, Reggie Watts released his debut album 'Simplified' in 2004, which is where you can find this incredible number.  Reggie perhaps became better-known for his stand-up material and although music still features heavily as a part of Reggie's act, it would be great to see him revisit the R&B and soul from this album for a follow-up.

'Greenbacks' by Deep Street Soul f/t Shirley Davis
This song comes from the debut album by Australian funk band, Deep Street Soul, who now have the distinction of reaching their third album with Freestyle.  As good as this version is, I'll also direct your attention to the Lack of Afro remix which features a complete reworking of the song incorporating LOA's inimitable blend of disco-funk.

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