Friday 12 May 2017

'Notes Over Poetry' by Philippe Baden Powell

Looking over the jazz portion of my CD collection, the record label 'Far Out Recordings' has long stood out as one of the leading labels for new and contemporary jazz music: in the last few years, releases by Sean Khan ('Muriel'), Nicola Conte & Stefania Dipierro ('Natural'), Alex Malheiros & Banda Utopia ('The Wave'), Sabrina Malheiros ('New Morning'), not to mention the legendary recordings of Azymuth, have solidified Far Out's global reputation as purveyors of fine Brazilian and Latin-based jazz music.

In Philippe Baden Powell's 'Notes Over Poetry', Far Out have done it again.  With a handful of releases already under his belt, the pianist and son of Brazilian musical legend Baden Powell de Aquino has proved to be an invaluable asset in his debut release for the label.  Now residing in Paris, having moved from Rio, Philippe's approach to his music echoes the creativity and forward-thinking nature of his father - 'Notes Over Poetry' is a piece of work that thrives on collaboration and effortlessly weaves between different styles, taking elements of more traditional and classic stylings of jazz and comfortably incorporating tinges of samba and contemporary soul.

Each of the ten tracks presented here would all warrant mention as album highlights, but I'll cite 'Hues', 'State of Music', 'The Lonely Dreamer' and the exquisite 'Chica' as standouts.  'Notes Over Poetry' stands tall amongst one of the best albums you can hope to own in 2017, but also as potentially one of the best releases to house the logo of 'Far Out Recordings'!

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