Monday 9 October 2017

'Compendium' by Mosche

The legendary jazz vocalist, Ella Fitzgerald, once said: "Just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do.  Where there is love and inspiration, I don't think you can go wrong"; when applying that theory to the musical efforts of trombonist Mosche Snowden... there is only love and inspiration.

Mosche is very much an embodiment of where an unrelenting passion for music can take you.  Currently riding high from the recent release of his brand new album 'Compendium', this Washington DC-based talent has an ever-growing resume that currently includes supplying original compositions for  Washington's annual Chamber Dance Project, Ballet & Brass 2016 and Ballet Brass & Song 2017, performing for various pre-game shows on FOX and taking the music from 'Compendium' all over the United States and setting stages alight wherever he goes.  And it's on the live stage where Mosche is really starting to establish himself, and where 'Compendium' finds its true home.  With musical influences ranging from Stevie Wonder to James Brown and fellow trombonist, Kenny Carr, Mosche seems to have taken elements from each and delivers through feverish and innovative live performances.

Planned as part of a series, the music on 'Compendium' showcases the diversity of his influences: 'Next Level' and 'Rue Noir' will definitely have people off their seats while numbers like 'I Will Always' are more lush and sentimental affairs.  When writing and putting the project together, Mosche describes the process:
"There's really no method to the madness, when it comes to writing I could be doing anything from sleeping, watching movies to driving and lyrics or a melody will come to me. When it comes to producing I like to create from the mood that I'm in at that moment."
Mosche’s music is born of passion and the love for his craft is evident in whatever medium someone chooses to embrace his music.  Fingers crossed for more in the Compendium series to come but in the meantime the first of hopefully many projects is awaiting attention.  As Lady Day herself states at the outset… if there is only love and inspiration in the music, how could he go wrong?

'Compendium' is available to purchase from iTunes.

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