Friday 20 October 2017

What I'm Listening to... (Liberation's Frequency Edition)

Here are just a few of the tracks that we've recently uploaded to our Liberation's Frequency playlist on Blue-in-Green:RADIO and very much hope you enjoy...

'It's The Music' by The Mighty Mocambos featuring Afrika Bambaataa, Charlie Funk, Hektek & DeeJay Snoop
Jumping back in time to 2015 to pick out a select few songs from The Mighty Mocambos release 'Showdown'.  An excellent album featuring top guest spots including DeRobert, Nichola Richards and Peter Thomas, as well as long-term friend and collaborator Afrika Bambaataa who appears on three of the album's songs.

'Haunted By The Devil' by Nicole Willis & The UMO Jazz Orchestra
Fresh off our exclusive interview with US vocalist Nicole Willis discussing this very project, we're very excited to have added songs from this fantastic new album to our playlist.  Substituting The Soul Investigators for The UMO Jazz Orchestra does Willis no harm as she still delivers wonderfully.
'Gave My Heart' by Omar featuring Leon Ware
Omar's 'Gave My Heart' EP boasts some fantastic remixes from the likes of DJ Jazzy Jeff, Rob Hardt, Scratch Professor and The Reflex, all of which you'll find amongst our selection but here's the original version of the duet featuring the legendary Leon Ware to whet your appetites.

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