Thursday 21 November 2019

'Distant Voice' by Sean Khan + Blue-in-Green:PODCAST #33

Saxophonist Sean Khan follows up last year's exquisite 'Palmares Fantasy' with an excellent four-track EP released through his new label home of BBE Records.

Sean Khan's lineage as one of the leading artists within UK's jazz contingent has been established over the course of three stunning solo albums and having served as a pioneer of the broken beat/nu-jazz era of the late-90s as part of the SK Radicals with Victor Starkey, and having come up with fellow broken beat titans Bugz In The Attic and Kaidi Tatham.

Khan's is a unique and rare talent - one of the few with the ability to effortlessly flit between the broken beat world then jump into solo projects like 'Slow Burner' (2012) and 'Muriel' (2015), and display his vision for contemporary jazz.

'Distant Voice' is the continuation of Khan's vision through an excellent four-track selection worthy of the already world class BBE catalogue.  With long-time collaborator and vocalist Heidi Vogel appearing - continuing in the vein of their excellent chemistry and demonstrated 'Moment of Collapse', 'Samba Para Florence' and 'Your Way Not My Way'.  Guests also include vocalist Kay Elizabeth, drummer Laurie Lowe and multi-instrumentalist Jackson Baird.

With the further promise of an album of new material due out in 2020, again through BBE, we look forward to once again singing the praises of the immeasurably talented Sean Khan, but should the name be new to you then 'Distant Voice' makes for the perfect introduction.

We were thrilled to have secured time with Sean Khan for episode #33 of the Blue-in-Green:PODCAST for an in-depth conversation about 'Distant Voice' as well as looking at Sean's incredible career and his time as part of the SK Radicals.

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