Friday 29 November 2019

'A Mirage (Meant to Last Forever)' by Zoe's Shanghai

'A Mirage (Meant to Last Forever)' is the debut EP from Zoe's Shanghai which absolutely delivers as a fantastic introduction to this Barcelona-based collective.  Over the six tracks presented throughout, lead vocalist Zoé Renié soars over eclectic and vibrant sonic soundscapes that are an exquisite amalgamation of styles and genres.

With Renié also tackling song-writing duties, the rest of the band - comprised of Alex Molas on electric bass, Tomàs Fosch on keyboards and Aurélien Landy on drums - boast an undeniable chemistry together.  Zoe's Shanghai have laid the groundwork for hopefully much more to follow as they have cultivated such a distinct and confident sound beautifully explored over these six tracks. 

From the lush keyboards of opening number, 'No Cure', which sets the tone nicely, the hypnotic rhythm of 'Two to Tango' which is a song that showcases an endearing charm as it seems to take complete pleasure in exploring its own possibilities, and then there's the standout track, 'Liquid We', which serves as the perfect representation of everything great about this band with a flawless vocal over an inspired composition.

With an excellent new single 'Through The Chord' already available, hopefully paving the way for another EP or album to follow shortly afterwards, make sure not to let the gem that is 'A Mirage' slip through your fingers!

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