Monday 2 December 2019

'Fluid Motion' by 30/70 Collective

Melbourne's finest, the 30/70 Collective, return with their third album 'Fluid Motion' released through the UK's Rhythm Section International.

The same way music fans and critics marvel at the wave of young and innovative jazz musicians that have spearheaded a jazz revival in the UK, Australia - and specifically Melbourne - have generated that same level of buzz and excitement when it comes to the wave of progressive, neo-soul-inspired projects that they have been releasing.  Hiatus Kaiyote are the obvious names that spring to mind but there is also the excellent output of Hopestreet Recordings' Leisure Centre who released the glossy, digital and synth-inspired project in 2018 'Mind Full', and the lush sounds of the quintet Cacartu who released their fantastic 'Habitat' last year also.  With past releases 'Cold Radish Coma' (2015) and 'Elevate' (2017), 30/70 have steadily built upon their reputation as flag wavers for this thriving hub of soul music of which their contributions couldn't possibly be overlooked.

And those contributions continually bring the group that bit closer to cementing the Collective to wider audiences but also to evolving them into something of a super-group.  Headed up by powerhouse vocalist Allysha Joy, who released her solo project 'Acadie: Raw' through Gondwana Records in 2018, the solo productions of bassist Henry "Horatio Luna" Hicks also warrant mention - check out his mind-blowing remix of 'Pieces' by James Wright Trio featuring fellow 30/70 contributor Danika Smith for starters!

'Fluid Motion' serves as the perfect project to showcase the band's converging styles and inspirations - almost like masterfully straddling this middle ground whereby the music features these precise concoctions of soul, R&B and jazz without falling too far into any one genre.  Taking the title track as the example - a soulful-house-esque beat is pulled into jazz territory with Josh Kelly's sax [a prominent instrument used throughout] and pulled in further directions with Joy's quick-fire delivery which leaves the whole project in this joyous genre limbo which is absolutely a blissful place not many can call home. 

With production by Horatio Luna and guitarist Tom Mansfield, and highlights too numerous to name, 'Fluid Motion' currently stands as 30/70's masterpiece and an absolute standout for future soul fans whether they be in Melbourne or the world over.

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