Tuesday 19 November 2019

'Lucidity' by ATOMGA

Color Red Records' commitment to releasing a stunning array of contemporary funk & soul music - on a weekly basis - has left the comparatively young label with an incredibly healthy catalogue of gems from bands both new and established.  The past twelve months alone has seen some world class releases from bands like Sophistakits, The Burroughs and Matador! Soul Sounds, not forgetting 'Shake It' - the 2019 album release from iconic UK band, The New Mastersounds.

And another name boasting world class talent that now find a home on the Color Red roster is the awesome ATOMGA. 

Formed in 2011 from their home in Denver, Colorado, this ten-piece afrobeat orchestra have long been one of the most creative and unique collectives amongst a thriving funk & soul scene.  Their all-encompassing sound - rooted in the style and tradition of afrobeat as established by its pioneer, Fela Kuti - is confident and bold enough to push beyond the restrictions of just one tag masterfully embracing elements of Calypso, soul and jazz.

ATOMGA's catalogue showcases a band with the desire to evolve, to try new things, and through past independent releases which include the EPs 'ATOMGA' and 'AGA', and the full-length 'Black Belt', their passion to create and perform absolutely comes to the forefront with each recording, which brings us to their latest offering, 'Lucidity'. 

LaShá "CalySōl" Afarko continually proves to be the match-made-in-heaven vocalist for the variety of sonic soundscapes the band immerse her into and as she matches ATOMGA's fervent pace throughout, it's really the final two minutes of this 6+ minute anthem where you'll find the real pot of gold waiting - a momentary break in the energetic groove makes way for Afrako's sermon over the band's lush backdrop which slowly builds all the way back up to 'Lucidity's' groove-riddled climax.  It's absolute bliss!

'Lucidity' is joyous, it's introspective, it's ATOMGA at their absolute best and if you've yet to hop aboard the ATOMGA train then, as Afarko preaches, "Wake up, world!"

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