Monday 8 June 2020

'Organic' by Majamisty TriO

'Organic' marks the new album release from the Maja Alvanović-helmed Majamisty TriO.

From Novi Sad, Serbia, the piano-led trio make a welcome return with the affectionate and warm compositions that have endeared the Majamisty TriO to listeners the world over.  Their genuinely incomparable ability to create music that straddles the rarely-visited space between contemporary jazz and classical music has made past releases 'Mistyland' and 'LOVE' genuine treasures.

Headed up by pianist and composer, Maja Alvanović, the ensemble is rounded out by double bassist Ervin Malina (Szilárd Mezei, Tripcycle) and the trio's new drummer, Lav Kovač (Kuhn Fu, Boris Kovač) who now replaces Istvan Cik as a full-time member.

While the trio's previous album 'LOVE' boasted guest appearances from a selection of artists including vocalist Aleksandra Drobac, trumpeter Damir Bacikin, guitarist Gisle Torvik, saxophonist Bunford Gabor and percussionist Uroš Šecerov - 'Organic' opts to forego the inclusion of outside collaborators keeping the players completely TriO based for this outing.  And, frankly, when considering the exquisite nature of the music on 'Organic' and how effectively its members play together, there's nothing another artist could bring to the table here to rival the magic these three musicians have created over the course of the album's eight tracks.

Everything about how Majamisty TriO compose their music comes from a place of distinctiveness and individuality - from their charming use of Drobac's wordless vocals as in the aforementioned 'LOVE' album to the way they can accentuate those moments of collaboration with featured performers but can redefine their own expectations with a project showcasing the talents of just the members themselves.  Boasting several standout moments throughout, the 8+ minute album centrepiece, 'Jungle', makes for essential listening as does the album's achingly beautiful highlight, 'Longing'.

While Alvanović helms the bulk of the album's composing, fellow pianist, and another artist under the Mistyland umbrella, Kosta Jevtić, assists with the composition for 'Heritage' and 'Absence' acting as a wonderful teaser for his own solo piano project, 'Reflections', which also warrants mention as a bold and sublime listen.

There's something incredibly fitting when considering the album's title, 'Organic' - it brings to mind thoughts of 'purity' and 'simplicity', almost like the music on this release came together through such a natural and effortless process which in of itself is masterful quality.

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