Friday 19 June 2020

'X-Perimental Mass' by PVIBEZ

'X-Perimental Mass' marks the brand new release from the multi-talented Paul "PVIBEZ" Morgan.

An artist doing the unexpected is always a pleasure to watch.  When discussing Morgan's past Vibezlab Sessions II project, we noted the genuine charm about his character that endears him to music lovers - his consistent desire to improve, to try new things and go in new directions is all inspired by his unwavering devotion towards his heroes.

Early projects 'Love Is The Notion' (2016) and 'Urban Xpressionz' (2011) positioned Morgan centre stage as well as the project's producer, lead vocalist and songwriter.  The Vibezlab Sessions volumes (I and II) then followed in 2018 and 2019 respectively which saw his role evolve to strictly behind the boards allowing him to prioritise his production skills and instrumentation, tailoring those talents towards the project's staple vocalists Eshe Escoffery, Lifford, Laurnea and Andrae Bentley.

With two instalments of his Vibezlab Sessions EPs released in the last two years, the producer and multi-instrumentalist now looks to evolve his processes into an exciting new stage from the more traditional R&B aesthetic of his past releases.

As the old saying goes "it's always good to keep people guessing", words that particularly hold true within a creative context.  To be able to push past expectations people have of you as an artist versus those expectations the artist has of themselves is surely where the real joy in creativity lies. 

Which leads us to 'X-Perimental Mass'...

The seven track project transports Morgan's talents into otherworldly realms, a fact that couldn't be more evident than in the project's opening number 'Afro Head Charge' plunging listeners immediately into the deep end.  Boasting JoVia Armstrong on percussion, the song's infectious blend of rapid-fire sonic intensity works so well when paired with Armstrong's skills, and so well leading into the drum'n'bass-esque 'Space Race'.  Trumpeter Vicky Flint guests on the lush 'Mi Colombiana' but album highlight could very well rest with the electronic, spaced out funk of 'Rhythm & Rhyme'.

Usually a name synonymous with contemporary R&B, the resulting 'X-Perimental Mass' is a bold statement of intent and declaration of Morgan's indelible talents.  Certainly a project he should boast with pride as it displays a real creative peak.  Always keep them guessing!

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