Wednesday 16 November 2022

'Begin Again' by Tize

'Begin Again' is the brand new EP from South African DJ and producer, Tize, released through Pasqua Records S.A.

Tize's incredible interpretation of afro-centric soulful house has been steadily garnering significant praise and adulation over a comparatively short space of time.  With his very first independently released single 'Shining Praise' unveiled in late-2020 through his Bandcamp page, Tize has filled the time since with a phenomenal work rate that has spawned two further singles 'Right Here' and 'In My Soul', again, independently released; a three-track EP entitled 'Lost in Translation' for Antidote Music and another three-track EP 'Bits O' Honey' for Electric Friends Music.

It's absolutely a phenomenal work rate particularly with music of such an incredibly high standard.  

And with the release of 'Begin Again', Tize once again raises the bar within his own exquisite, dancefloor-friendly house treasures.  On track to becoming a genuine master of his craft, Tize's compositions masterfully showcase his uncanny ability to create club-friendly music while serving as deeply intimate pieces at the same time.

Pasqua Records has cultivated a steady catalogue of releases celebrating afro house and soul music with past releases coming from Tar Ntsei, Ray Naldo and Tankie-DJ.  'Begin Again' presents five tracks once again, delving deep within a multi-layered and multi-faceted exploration of the genre generating some of Tize's best work to date.  The collaboration with vocalist Sobantwana marks a strong highlight as her sublime vocal compliments Tize's production perfectly; the near eight minutes of 'Time to Time' is fantastic and clocking an additional eight minutes onto the current run time would have been wholly welcome, and then there's the EP closer of 'Wholesome Canvas' which is perhaps the most intricate and complex production across the whole EP - a really fantastic track to conclude the project with.

We're in little doubt that a new Tize project is already in the works thanks to the producer's insatiable desire to continually create which is just a joy to see unfold across these continually brilliant projects.

'Begin Again' can be purchased through Traxsource.

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