Wednesday 16 November 2022

'Flying in a Box' by Enrico Bracco

'Flying in a Box' marks the brand new album release from Italian guitarist Enrico Bracco which also marks his inaugural release for the brilliant A.MA Records.

It's been an exceptional year for A.MA following releases by Max Kochetov, Ivan Radivojevic and Antonio Trinchera, and the appointment of Enrico Bracco to its roster serves as another strong moment for the label.  Bracco boasts an incredible career to date - with 'Flying in a Box' delivering his fifth album as band leader, his extensive catalogue has also seen the guitarist perform on projects alongside Rosalia De Souza, Fabrizio D'Alisera, Alice Ricciardi and Andrea Biondi.

Bracco's meticulous approach to music-making could only be rivalled by his commitment to storytelling.  Whether this focus was inspired by the variety of scores he has composed for film and theatre or whether that just proved to be the perfect vessel at that time, Bracco's passion has long been found in his ability to detect the long-form narrative running in conjunction between imagery and music.  Even the illustrative works of Austrian artist Egon Schiele provided inspiration for Bracco's 'Quiet Man' release from 2015 delivering as another form of the guitarist's innovative and abstract storytelling.

It's this very profound perception to his craft that has endeared Bracco to listeners over the course of five releases and that continues to make him such a sought-after collaborator.

'Flying in a Box' provides the natural extension to Enrico Bracco's musical philosophies thus producing a fantastic release not just within his own catalogue but within that of A.MA's as well.  

Bracco's featured players throughout 'Flying in a Box' mostly comprise long-term collaborators as well as members of the Enrico Bracco Quintet including saxophonist Daniele Tittarelli, pianist Pietro Lussu, drummer Enrico Morello and Giuseppe Romagnoli on double bass.  The album kicks off with the understated Bracco-led 'Flow' before making way to an elegant selection of songs ranging from the more vivacious 'Urge' to the more ballad-inspired compositions like 'Cold' and 'Proved Honesty', all displaying Bracco's skill as a guitarist and masterful composer.  Album closer, 'The Same Way', delivers as a wonderful album highlight, sublime in its performance and execution.

For first-time listeners of Enrico Bracco, 'Flying in a Box' marks a brilliant introduction to his exquisite music and the album absolutely warrants a story worth hearing.

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