Friday 24 February 2023

'Living and Living' by Tigeroak

'Living and Living' marks the new album release from Danish duo Tigeroak released through April Records.

Already garnering so much success so early in their careers, the Tigeroak two-some comprised of vocalist and writer Anna Prinds alongside multi-instrumentalist and producer Laurits Steen Møberg can lay claim to some monumental successes including performances around Europe, a selection for last year's Jazz Danmark's National Jazz Competition and an award-winning performance at the Jazz and Roots festival.

And the praise and plaudits are absolutely warranted - while their music clearly resonates with people through the live stage, the nine tracks as presented via 'Living and Living' showcases Tigeroak's scintillating portrayal of a quintessential neo-soul aesthetic that is somewhat of a revolution for April Records.  While long-serving as a hot bed for Danish contemporary jazz, recent releases from the label seem to widen their scope a little with the hip-hop-infused 'A Supreme Vibe' by The Supreme Court or recent releases from fellow neo-soul-inspired collective OTOOTO.  Tigeroak seem poised to add to April's continuing lineage for new and innovative talent celebrating Denmark's vibrant music-making landscape.

Beautifully performed, brilliantly produced... Tigeroak's vision is brought to life by Prinds' elegant vocal that is afforded the luxury of a sublime musical backdrop; With Møberg credited throughout for guitar, bass, drum programming, synths and sound design, the music - while a stunning interpretation of neo-soul stylings - delicately features a range of intricacies and subtle nods to varying musical facets that bring so much to the album's overall sound.  

With Møberg's background in electronic music and ambient compositions (have a quick listen to his Soundcloud page), he does manage to restrain himself but injects just the right touches at just the right time to really elevate the production.  Martine Bak Toldam's fantastic work on piano and rhodes throughout the album also warrants special mention as she offers such a strong contribution to the project as a whole as do the more fleeting album guests like drummer Jakob Marker ('I Remember'), trumpeter Peter Marrott ('Living and Living') and flautist Ditte Warrer Bech ('People').

The album's luxurious title track opener is indicative of many of the album's songs - accentuated by lush textures, warm production and Prinds' enthralling vocal - theirs is a captivating formula which transcends throughout the varying tracks like the more sparse arrangement of 'Listening for Noises' or the riveting drum & bass-esque break at the conclusion of 'Morning Vitamin'.

Tigeroak seem poised for boundless success and with 'Living and Living' now officially unveiled to the world clearly an infinitive amount of further praise and plaudits await!

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