Friday 21 July 2023

Blue-in-Green:PODCAST #127: Simon S (a.k.a. Peter Franks)

Welcome to Episode #127 of the Blue-in-Green:PODCAST which this week sees Imran connect with DJ, producer, Simon S.

As founder of Futuristica Music, Simon S has always strived for the label to showcase an exemplary perspective on progressive and innovative new sounds from various quarts of the contemporary soul music landscape. Just from a quick assessment of the label's recent releases, there's the neo-soul sounds of the sensational Georgie Sweet, the hip-hop inspired aesthetic of vocalist LaNote, the soulful electronica of As Valet's 'Virgo Stellar' project and of course the always exceptional releases of Deborah Jordan, most recently via her phenomenal pairing with K15 for 'HUMAN'.

The Simon S helmed Jazz Chronicles and Peter Franks projects afford the DJ and producer the opportunity to nurture his affections for a series of interwoven jazz-meets-hip-hop narratives with The Peter Franks Group in particular forging ahead with a creative path born of samples-based compositions fused with lush live instrumentation.

And forging "ahead" in this instance is the key term.

While the initial Peter Franks release in 2018 sought to pay loving tribute to influences and inspirations via a series of exquisite, nostalgia-driven compositions in 'Days Past', 2023's 'Days Ahead' - as the title suggests - is an infinitely more assertive and confident record. Its commitment to creating its own identity is very much an ideal that gives focus to the album and unifies much of its context.

With Simon S/Peter Franks credited for the album's production along with drums, samples, bass, keys and percussion, the 'Days Ahead' table is set for an exalted line-up of contributors including Amanda Whiting, Nat Birchall, Robert Mitchell and Marc Rapson among others.

We were fortunate to catch up with Simon to discuss the making of the new record, the collaborators involved and discuss some upcoming Futuristica info for the year.

You can purchase your copy of 'Days Ahead' available on vinyl and digital here on Bandcamp.

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