Sunday 2 July 2023

I-N-F-O-C-U-S ::: April Records

As part of our ongoing I-N-F-O-C-U-S record label series, May of this year saw us turn our attention to the music of April Records.

The independent, Copenhagen-based label have proved to be leading torch carriers for progressive Danish jazz and music born of similar inspirations.  Prominently showcasing a range of boundlessly talented contemporary artists, April Records continually forge ahead with some stunning releases growing in strength through a wonderfully diverse and eclectic roster embracing sounds from spiritual jazz to neo-soul and electronica.  Our I-N-F-O-C-U-S exclusive strived to celebrate that catalogue across a two hour excursion into some phenomenal music that we're proud to say you can revisit below.

The full tracklist for the episode:

'I Love You' by Tabloid

'Medley' by Emil de Waal

'Hurt You Once Again' by Kalaha

'Morning Vitamin' by Tigeroak

'You Should Know Me Better' by OTOOTO featuring Lucky Lo

'Passing Moments' by The Supreme Court featuring Al Agami

'Shoot' by A Plane to Catch

'The Diver' by Lis Wessberg

'Midnight Sun Upon Saltvaersoya' by Cecilie Strange

'Elna' by Little North

'Mother, Father' by Nana Rashid

'Leading Somewhere' by Gustaf Ljunggren & Skuli Sverrisson

'Revolution' by Alawari

'Desperate Times, Desperate Measures' by Fredrik Lundin & Odense Jazz Orchestra

'Deva' by Kalaha

'Dissolving Parts' by OTOOTO

'Mother Tongue' by Andorra

'Place Unfound' by Human Being Human

'Boy' by Jesper Thorn

'Goodbye My Love' by Nana Rashid

'Sunes Hit' by Alawari

'Getting On Way' by Kasper Tranberg

'Brev Til En Ven' by Kosmos Trio

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