Friday 7 July 2023

'Where This Body Goes, My Mind Flows' by Creature.

'Where This Body Goes, My Mind Flows' marks the new EP release from the boundlessly talented drummer and producer, Creature. 

Netherlands-born and now London-based, Jim "Creature." Cornelissen has steadily been amassing a veritable treasure trove of new music releases dating back to 2019 and the single 'Hang On'.  Heavily impacted by a range of influences from contemporary jazz to a broken beat aesthetic and golden era hip-hop, the five tracks as presented on 'Where This Body Goes, My Mind Flows' are an incredibly inspired and somewhat unpredictable reflection of Creature.'s musical statement of intent - much like each of this project's predecessors. 

And each of this project's predecessors absolutely warrant equal waves of praise and plaudits.  A range of single releases inspired by London's very own electronica-tinged affections for jazz followed from 'Hang On' including 'Suddenly You Matter' and 'Heads Up' and the 8+ minute masterpiece that is 'Gifts of Time' featuring an excellent vocal from Kaia Vieira.  'All Now, For Good' masterfully pulled together the varying aspects comprising the Creature. vision for what was his first EP release demonstrating his abilities as a band leader and front man in his own right.

'Where This Body Goes, My Mind Flows' pushes the Creature. sound even further.  With improvisation making up a strong element of his compositions, Creature. seems to thrive not just in showcasing music that challenges the listener but also in showcasing music that challenges himself in its creation as well – seemingly relishing the opportunity with each go round to explore untapped sounds, genres and to blur borders all point to the creative freedom the drummer has strived for throughout his career.

With much of that associated - improvisational - energy masterfully captured by the artist and his team of collaborators throughout this release, the musicians seem to celebrate the luxury of the playground afforded to them for 'Where This Body Goes, My Mind Flows'.  With a band made up of Alex Wesson on keys, trumpet by Tim Quicke and JSPHYNX and long-time collaborator Daniel Collins on bass, there's a genuine cohesion between the players which really places them all on the same page despite the sheer eclecticism of the music.

The slow build of 'Against the Odds' marks a distinct project highlight as does the unbridled, off-kilter energy of 'Don't Sleep' and 'Tempest' that seem to revel within those aforementioned broken beat textures.  Rapper Trifon boasts scintillating chemistry with the players on 'Ay-Yo' while the sublime 'Memphis Grit' takes the album down new avenues once again with traces of 90's trip-hop rounding out the versatility of such a fantastic project.

There is the distinct sense that the wheels have already started to turn for Creature. and that his next project is perhaps already starting to take shape so play as much catch-up as you may need to with this and past releases as each of them introduce us to an incredible artist who continually delivers inspired projects befitting his indelible and visionary talents.

You can listen to 'Where This Body Goes, My Mind Flows' on Spotify or purchase through Bandcamp...

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