Wednesday 26 December 2012

'Jonny Pt1' by Gizelle Smith [Single]

If you liked ‘Modern Funk Volume 3’, then you might like ‘This is Gizelle Smith & The Mighty Mocambos’.

How unbelievably right you are, Amazon!

And therein lays the tale of how I discovered the music of Gizelle Smith.  But that was in 2009 and it certainly feels like an age since we were able to get our hands on anything new from Gizelle Smith which makes the release of her brand new single, ‘Jonny – Part 1’, a very, very welcome return for her to the music scene.

The aforementioned album, created collaboratively with The Mighty Mocambos and released on Legere Recordings, went on to establish Gizelle Smith as one of the UK’s leading ladies in funk and soul.  Following extensive touring off the back of her debut album, anticipation is set to soar again – and rightfully so – as the new single, ‘Jonny’, is a brilliantly infectious, up-tempo, horn-heavy, hip-swinging number with one of the best ten-second intros to a song I have stuck in my head from recent memory.  The single even boasts the instrumental mix as a bonus treat.

It genuinely is very exciting to have Gizelle Smith return to our headphones once again so we do hope that Mocambo Records will be able to follow-up on this single not too far down the line in to 2013.  A little sooner than initially expected, the single release has inspired us to raid the Liberation Frequency archives once again so following this post, please check out the exclusive interview feature I carried out with Gizelle from May 2011.

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