Monday 10 December 2012

The Blue-in-Green Sessions

So this is nice, we're getting to know each other now :)

I mentioned a radio show in my last post - well, it's the reason this blog even exists so I should probably tell you guys a little more about it.  In great news, The Blue-in-Green Sessions celebrated its THIRD birthday on Starpoint Radio!  (The show actually started on air in 2006 but we've been aligned with Starpoint since 2009.  Can't believe it's been that long!?!)

Have I told you guys about the eerie start dates for my show?



The very first station I ever played at was Invincible Radio.  My debut date was initially scheduled for the 6th January 2006.  Due to technical problems that night though, I was unable to go on air so it was postponed to the following Friday, 13th January.

The second radio station was Elete FM.  Again, the debut date was set for 6th April 2008, but due to (I genuinelly can't remember what!), the debut was postponed to the following Friday, 13th April.

Noticing any patterns yet?

Which then brings us to Starpoint Radio... obviously we're broadcast live on a Sunday so that removes the eerie Friday connection, but which day of the month my start date was: initially scheduled for 6th September 2009, due to issues with keys (they couldn't get me keys in time), so... can you guess what happened?... That's right, we were postponed til the following Sunday, 13th September.

My biggest fear would be if I were to start at another radio station and for them to suggest a start date of the 22nd of the month.  I'd turn them down flat. :)

Thanks for anyone that's ever tuned in to the show.  I've included the playlist for our Birthday show below which hopefully will give you guys some indication of what you can expect from the show and artists we love for the blog (you can see the full list of our playlists at the Starpoint Radio forums):

16th September 2012
'Send It On' - D'Angelo (first song we ever played on Starpoint Radio)
'Don't Take My Shadow - Kings Go Forth
'Love You' - Maxwell
'Soon I'll Be Loving You Again' - Joe
'This Room' [live] - Fat Freddy's Drop
'Winter Wind' - Jose James
'Joyful Girl' - Soulive f/t Dave Matthews
'Poetry' - RH Factor f/t Erykah Badu & Q-Tip
'Midnight In Trieste' - The Five Corners Quintet
'Jazzy Joint' - J.A.M. f/t Jose James
'Hopeless Romantic' - Raheem DeVaughn
'Love and Revolution' - Nicola Conte f/t Melanie Charles
'I'm Ready' - Anthony Hamilton
'Your Name' - Reggie Watts
'Skyy, Can You Feel Me' - Raphael Saadiq f/t Rosie Kaye
'Pretty Man' [Extended Mix] - Prince
'Luv 4 The World' - Plantlife
'Soul Power' [live 2011] - Soulive f/t Nigel Hall & Questlove
'Got To Getcha' - Maceo & All The King's Men
'Blind Man Can See It' - James Brown

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