Wednesday 19 December 2012

'L'Etrange' by Caroline Lacaze [Single review]

Caroline Lacaze bursts on to the music scene closing out 2012 with a brilliant new single entitled ‘L’Etrange’ – which translates to ‘The Strange’ (thanks Google Translate! :)), and with super-impressive backing by The Mocambo Electric Sound Orchestra, we can only deduce that the follow-up album, currently scheduled for release in spring 2013, will go on to be a real treasure once its unveiled.

Introduced to many by her scene-stealing vocal contribution to The Mighty Mocambos’ 2011 album, ‘The Future Is Here’, appearing on ‘Physique’, the Mocambo label – clearly familiar with knowing a good thing when they see it – have snapped her up and released ‘L’Etrange’ just in time to fill New Year’s Eve dance floors everywhere.

The French vocals on the single provide a refreshing perspective, and a nice touch, so it’ll be interesting to know if the album will feature a mix of English and French languages throughout; it’s also notable that the backing band here are dubbed as ‘The Mocambo Electric Sound Orchestra’ – who do a great job of extending the typical Mocambo funk-y sound into slightly more of an… well, an ‘electric’ one.  Lacaze’s full-length album could go on to do great things for both names so we’re keen to say the very least!

The B-side also features the instrumental mix as a bonus treat and you can check out the video for ‘L’Etrange’ below...

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