Monday 10 December 2012

Post #1

As most bloggers probably feel when they finally get round to starting them, my sentiments at this time would be... 'this has been a long time coming!'. 

But that's the thing isn't it, we're writers so, therefore, we're procrastinators!

Firstly, thanks so much for reading this.  Hopefully this will be the first of many of these posts that you'll end up reading here.  This blog is specifically to run in conjunction with the internet radio show, The Blue-in-Green Sessions (hence the blog name!), that airs every Sunday morning 8-10am (UK) exclusively to Starpoint Radio.  The show has existed - albeit originally via a different radio station - since 2006 and focuses on the very best that I can get my hands on in soul, jazz and funk music. 

I'll talk a little bit more about the show specifically in the next post or two, but as regards this blog, it used to exist under the guise of the 'My Funky (In)Disposition' blog as a part of Liberation Frequency but after six glorious years with them, it's just become time for me to move on and see if I can do this standing on my own two.  Liberation Frequency is family though so you'll no doubt come across some of those names in due time.  One thing about LF is some of the incredible content I was able to amass there, including interviews with some of our absolute favourites including Jose James, Greg Boyer, Dena Deadly, Ben Westbeech, and also with some of the brand new crop of soul and funkateers, including Saunders Sermons, Smoove [of Smoove & Turrell], Gizelle Smith, Nick Pride, [re:jazz] and soooooo many more.  Well, I'm a shameful hoarder so I'll be bringing over a fair few of those treasures and unveiling them as the weeks go past. 

The blog should be chronicling my adventures in soul music as I discover new artists/albums and interview a fair few along the way too.  The plan is/was/and always will be to hopefully put you guys on to something fantastic and new in the world of soul music.  If you've never heard of them, and like what you hear, then that's great; if it makes you want to get in touch and pitch things my way, then that's even better.

I guess I'll leave it there for now.  Hopefully, we'll see lots more of you in the future :)

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