Monday 2 November 2020

Blue-in-Green:PODCAST #68: Jez Lloyd (Ink Project/Blind Colour)


Welcome to Episode #68 of the Blue-in-Green:PODCAST which sees Imran secure time with Ink Project and Blind Colour Records founder, Jez Lloyd. 

Spearheaded by the single 'Feeding The Fire' featuring long-time collaborator Coreysan on vocals, Ink Project's latest release acts as the prelude to their upcoming third full-length project, 'Rhythm Spirit'.  Following past albums 'Satellite On' (2016) and 'Inside The Sun' (2011), Ink Project have cemented their name as pioneers within their realm of soul-infused electronica having amassed a fantastic catalogue of music and incredible support from the genre's heavy-hitters.  'Feeding The Fire', for instance, is bolstered by additional remixes by Babe Roots, El Choop, Gaudi and Sivey making this a blissful addition to an already fantastic single.   

Through their affection for 90's trip-hop and underground dance music, we also explore the origins of those early Ink Project days with Jez and group vocalist, Melanie Dymond, and how that led to the birth of Blind Colour Records.

With great excitement, we also discuss the upcoming milestone in 2021 which will see both Ink Project and Blind Colour celebrate their tenth year of making and releasing music. It's a genuinely staggering achievement and theirs is a fantastic body of work amassed over those years. We're really grateful to have spent time with Jez to discuss his incredible successes thus far.

For more information on Ink Project and Blind Colour, please visit the below links and immerse yourself within the awesome music now synonymous with both brands: 

Click here for the full catalogue available to listen through Spotify.

And click here for the video for the most recent single 'Feeding The Fire feat. Coreysan'. 

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