Sunday 15 November 2020

Blue-in-Green:PODCAST #70: Yazmyn Hendrix

Welcome to Episode #70 of the Blue-in-Green:PODCAST which sees Imran secure time with the immeasurably talented Yazmyn Hendrix. 

Yazmyn's incredible talent as a singer, songwriter and performer couldn't be over-stated.  Even just a quick skim through the music available via her YouTube channel showcases some of her excellent songs but also boasts a fantastic selection of her live performances that really demonstrate her distinct and unique brilliance.

For this episode, we discuss the release of Yazmyn's new six track 'Chapters' EP, how she developed her skill as a vocal loop artist - and the serendipitous events that placed her on that path, having toured and performed with Madness and her upcoming contribution to the highly-anticipated release from Ink Project.

We're really grateful to have spent time with Yazmyn for this episode and hope you enjoy the conversation.

The Blue-in-Green:PODCAST unveils new episodes on the first, second and third Mondays of the month. This podcast series runs in conjunction with the online radio station, Blue-in-Green:RADIO which celebrates 21st century soul, jazz, funk, Latin & hip-hop music. These shows are designed to give you some insight into the incredible range of talented presenters we're so lucky to host from all over the world and to geek out musically with us.

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