Tuesday 3 November 2020

'Which One Are You?' by ATOMGA

'Which one are you?'  Those words are rarely a good start to a conversation.  Even if delivered with the best of intentions, the question can not only make the person it's directed to feel inadequate but also presents the speaker as arrogant and patronizing.  But if anyone could take this very uncomfortable and awkward level of social interaction and repackage those feelings into a blissful funk-filled pageant - it would have to be ATOMGA.

Formed in 2011 from their home in Denver, Colorado, this afrobeat orchestra have long been one of the most creative and unique collectives amidst a thriving funk & soul scene.  Through past releases including the EPs 'ATOMGA' and 'AGA' and the full-length 'Black Belt', the band cultivated a loyal following through their distinct and unique sound but ATOMGA's sessions under the Color Red umbrella have brought their unrivalled talents to new audiences.

Produced by ATOMGA's baritone saxophonist, the incomparable Leah Concialdi, 'Which One Are You?' continues in that vein of ATOMGA releases that straddle that line between either being a song that is a meticulously crafted sonic masterpiece or one that was created just because it felt good.  Particularly evident through their recent singles, there's a real ease and fluidity to ATOMGA's music that, despite being a mouth-watering melting pot of musical styles, are just made to look easy.  Their energy is infectious, the musicianship is flawless and they just find the joy in what they do.  The brilliant ode to the Stones's 'Miss You' near the song's completion is further evidence of that.

The message within the music has long been a part of ATOMGA's charm.  We've long professed our adoration for 'Lucidity' to anyone that will listen - a stunning record that strives to inspire its listeners to find salvation within themselves; 'Zenpocalypse' compassionately attempts to subvert negative perceptions of immigration, and then current single, 'Which One Are You?', again strives to turn those questions inwards to consider what we, as individuals, are putting out into the world around us.

It's perhaps fitting that this single has seen its release on election day.  Dubbed the most important election in US history, will the country look to the actions of the existing government as the template for the next four years or will its people decide that it's time for a change?  It's somewhat shocking that in this day and age within the western world - in the UK as well as the US - that the importance and privilege attached to a person's right to vote still needs to be stressed.  This very notion is indicative of the themes of the song - the power we all have within the choices we make and the power we each have to influence change.

So on that note, while America takes to the polls to decide not just its future - but its identity - with baited breath the world awaits the answer to the question... 'which one are you?'

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