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'Art Official Age' by Prince

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'The Brazil Connection' by Studio Rio

Chris Dave & The Drumhedz Mixtape

'Emma Jean' by Lee Fields

'Forever Dreaming' by Myles Sanko

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'Kaleidoscope' by [re:jazz]

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'Love Sex Passion' by Raheem DeVaughn

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'Record Kicks 10: 2003-2013'

'Refried Mac' by Res

'Rejuiced Phat Shake' by Nick Pride & The Pimptones

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'Season's Greetings' by Olympic Cyclone Band

'Soul Intoxication' by Basement Freaks

'Soul Power' by Curtis Harding

'While You Were Sleeping' by Jose James

'Whole Other*' by Richard Spaven


D'Angelo: 'Black Messiah' (+ live @ Brixton’s O2 Academy 03/02/12)

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings [LIVE, 16th May 2014 @ The Roundhouse]

Jose James live @ XOYO, London [9th April 2013]






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